Thursday, July 14, 2005

For all Malayalees,
I can see how a malayalee is in great trouble when he/she is on the typewriter or the computer keyboard. The truble was there all along, in 'writing', too. Why? It is the alphabet that is the sourse of all troubles.
I also understand how greatly we treasures our atsharamaala as a beautiful one. Really it is far from that. It is difficult to say in a few words how uncouth our alphabet is. It would be difficult to understand if I tried to say something in that direction. "A problem is fully understood only when it is solved"
So I have worked through several years, trying to solve rather than criticize. "Solution is criticismin full shape. If I undertook to express all my criticism of 'Keralapanineeyam' it would have made a larger volume than the book itself. And who would read it ?
Instead, I tried to reach solutions, and have them. The net result is:
we need to have only 38 letters plus 2 special characters
plus all punctation marks, numerals and arythmetic symbols
to write Malayalam most perfectly.
The letters are as follows
Dr. James Austin

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