Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Let me put in a few more words about S2 (swaram no.2); that would apply to S4, S6, S10 and S13, in exactly the same way. Imagine a boy, Tom, now about three feet tall; in course of time, he grows and attains the height of four feet,.. five feet etc.. During all this growth phase, does he become another person and then yet another person? He is Tom all the way, changes in height (length) or weight notwithstanding. A palm tree ten feet tall does not become another kind/species of tree as it attains twenty feet height.

The summary result, of the exercise carried out in full, is: out of the sixteen items, only five do qualify as swarams. Kindly go to file: “Exercising Swarams” (it is a big file)

The search for swarams does not end here. Some sound, called by a mysterious name ‘samvrutha ukaram’ is subjected to meticulous study. At the end, it is re-presented as the ‘sixth swaram’. Please study the document: “The Sixth Swaram”.
Thus, at last, we have six swarams in all; the Swaramaala is ready. In order to bring an item to a table, it must have its symbol - a letter, here- to represent it. We instantly created a letter, out of sheer necessity.

Next, we shall study the possibilities of ‘simplifying ‘ the vowel letters and ‘straightening the writing style’ according to the law of representation Go to article “Simplifying the Vowel Letters
You must also; study the articles “The Invisible Swaram” and “the Negative Symbol” (the negative of a letter)

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